Friday, August 10, 2012

Update: Please see bottom of post! Experience a Nordic summer in Finlandia

Funny, after I whined and complained yesterday about the graphics problems I am having, I logged in last night and everything seems to look fine for high res photos.  The sky and my skin still looks pixely in mid-graphics though, but at least I can still take landscape photos in high graphics. For now.

I don't know much at all about Finland, to tell you the truth. Snow comes to mind, and long cold winters. Finland definitely would not come up in my thoughts when thinking of summer getaways. But based on my explorations of Finlandia, the virtual world representation of a nordic summer in Finland, I think my assumptions about the country are inaccurate. Or, they are incomplete. 

It's so pretty and peaceful here, I could have spent hours more in the sim.  It's ripe with landscape photo opportunities. I will be going back to this place and adding more photos to my Finlandia set on Flickr.

There are several areas where you can hang out with friends, in a treehouse, around a campfire, swimming, or swing on the tire swing and take in the tranquil mood of the landscape. 

Follow the paths from the landing point, that will lead you on a quiet walk through the countryside.

This flagpole intrigued me. I did a bit of research and learned that it is called a Juhannussalko - a flag pole that the Fins put up in their midsummer celebration. The celebration takes place between the 20th and 26th of June, which to us in North America is Summer Solstice.

Finlandia is certainly a very pretty place to explore and take pictures. There is a tip jar at the landing spot if you would like to donate to this sim. 


Visit Finlandia in Second Life

ETA: Please see the comments below for information regarding the Juhannussalko flag pole. It's actually Swedish and not Finnish.

Also, the owner of Finlandia, Daniela Finchy has a new blog for Finlandia. Click here to check it out! 


  1. Beautiful pics ...
    I spent a summerholiday travelling thru Finland with my parents as a kid ... and this sim (and your photos) just pictures my memory of Finland perfectly. We had a wonderful time there (when we ignored all the moskitos)... the landscape was amazing, the weather was warm, but not hot, and the light was kinda special (maybe because of the rather short nights) ... a dream for every photographer ...
    Thank you for bringing back those memories with your photos

    1. Thank you Mayala! That makes me feel wonderful to know that the sim and my photos stirred some good memories for you.

      I was looking at some articles about Finland on some rl travel blogs when I was researching the midsommer pole and it made me want to go to Finland in rl. I'm putting Finland on my bucket list of places to see in the world. I'll be sure to bring lots of bug spray to keep the mosquitos away when I go!

  2. ..exept "Juhannussalko" is really swedish midsummer tradition. finns burn big bonfires.

  3. Hello! Juhannussalko is truly is swedish tradition. But maybe youll notice it isnt at Finland mainland. It is Åland what belongs to Finland but all there is swedish. Thats why it is at sim but its also at right place. If you look sim shape at sl youll notice it has shaped Finland shape how it is in rl. So Ålands is a bit wrong place but must forgive because sl is sl :) Sim owner Daniela Finchy

    1. Hi! Thank you letting me know. I guess I overlooked that Aland was not part of Finlandia when I visited. It is close by so that's why I thought it was part of the area.

      Your sim is charming and beautiful. Thank you!

    2. You are most welcome. Love your picks. I did start my own blog at sim. I will let know when its ready :DDD Take many months i know that allready. im happy that you did like sim and all your readers too. Thank you so much all to visiting at sim :)By Sim owner Daniela Finchy plain Dani is most fine

  4. Actually "Juhannussalko" or Mid-summer pole is very common in Åland which belongs to Finland but have very swedish atmosphere. There's a good page where I found the influence when I built that pole :D